UberCloud Selects Contact Center Solution

David Howard · November 9, 2013 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/331e

Solution supports HPC Experiment, which focuses on high performance computing as a service

UberCloud claims some pretty big names as participants in their HPC experiment program, which they say will lead to the widespread availability of high performance computing as a cloud service. Names like Intel, Amazon, Autodesk and Stanford University, just to name a handful.

Now, just this past week, they've announced the selection of a contact center solution to service performance computing gurus at those various companies, schools and organizations.

UberCloud selected ServicePattern, a next-generation cloud contact center platform from Bright Pattern, of San Bruno, California, for its contact center infrastructure. The focus will be on live web chat to route inquiries and connect high performance computing experts to one another, around the globe.

Burak Yenier, Co-founder of Ubercloud, said, regarding the decision, “Bright Pattern is a true multichannel contact center platform, highly scalable and flexible to serve the needs of our highly demanding community, with members focused on state-of-the art technology. Millions of scientists and engineers around the globe would like to stay in touch and communicate about their needs and find help for their computing requirements. Bright Pattern provides everything we need to meet the demands of this community.”

Erhan Cakmak, Co-founder and Vice President of Corporate Development of Bright Pattern, said, “we are very excited about our partnership with UberCloud. We think it’s a perfect match: on the technology side, both companies are dedicated to the cloud, while on the user side they share a commitment to multichannel interaction among community members across all media including voice, SMS and live web chat. UberCloud has, in the high performance community, marquee industry players and educational institutes as well as highly professional experts, all of whom need to communicate continuously across all channels to find the best fit for their requirements. Bright Pattern is able to deliver on all requirements.”

UberCloud is also busy prepping for its next round of high performance computing experiments.



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