Integrate raises $7M in follow-on Series B

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Ad technology provider has now raised $22.25 million in total funding

Advertising technology provider Integrate has raised $7 million in a follow-on series B round of financing, it was announced on Tuesday. The round was led by the Foundry Group with participation from Comcast Ventures and Liberty Global Ventures.

The company previously raised a $4.25 million Series A round of funding from Foundry Group in December of 2010, and $11 million in Series B funding from Comcast Ventures, Liberty Global and Foundry Group in March of 2012. This newest funding round bring the company's total amount raised to $22.25 million. 

"The latest round of investment allows Integrate to focus on continued development of our platform, expand our base of brand and agency customers through sales, marketing and talent, and further strengthen our market position," Hart Cunningham, CEO of Integrate, told me.

Founded in 2010 by Cunningham and Jeremy Bloom, the company's President, Integrate provides a scalable technology platform, called AdHQ, for performance-based marketing campaigns. It allows marketers and media buyers to plan, launch, analyze and optimize their campaigns.

The company provides marketing software that gives its customers complete control over the performance of their programmatic, traditional marketing and media programs through a single dashboard. 

By using AdHQ, for example, a media agency would be able to combine its marketing operations and processes into one dashboard that would let them track, analyze, optimize each campaign across multiple channels.

"The agency is able accurately identify underperforming channels so they can instantly reallocate marketing spend to the highest performing publishers, methods, pricing models, creative and campaigns," said Cunningham.

"Integrate is the first marketing technology provider to give marketers and media buyers the ability to plan, launch, analyze and optimize campaigns across performance, programmatic and traditional media."

What separates Integrate from its competitors, most notably Adobe Marketing Cloud and MediaOcean, are some key features the company offers.

They include:

  • Campaign planning and control tools that allow for implementation and optimization of any cross-channel marketing program
  • Onboarding and management of all media partners from one dashboard
  • Unification of every ad-serving system needed to implement a cross-channel marketing program
  • Real-time, collated performance data and analytics via a single dashboard
  • Integrations with critical third-party marketing systems

"Right now, there are no other players in the industry offering a platform as comprehensive as Integrate’s AdHQ – we were first-to-market with our closed-loop marketing technology platform," said Cunningham.

By using Integrate, customers see a real benefit in both time and money.

Customers will see a 20-30% reduction in time and resources due to workflow and process automation, according to Cunningham, as well as 25-35% cost savings of their media spent, due to quality assurance measures and fraud elimination.

"Due to closed-loop analytics and insights, we’ve seen clients benefit from up to 890% ROI," he said.

In the new few years, Cunningham would like to see the company increase its footprint, and gain mindshare, in the space. 

"In today’s digital environment, our growth has been driven by the need for solutions that combine disparate marketing processes and operations while helping to drive customers through the entire sales funnel," he said. "We hope to lead the charge in defining a new category in marketing technology and becoming the number one provider of transparent and effective marketing tech solutions."

Integrate currently has more than 2500 brands and agency customers, including Living Social, Microsoft, Dell, Sony and IDG.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Integrate also has additional offices in Boston, Denver, New York City and San Francisco.

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