Convention Association Picks up on Second Screen

David Howard · August 29, 2013 · Short URL:

NiceMeeting has a second screen play for live events

NiceMeeting out of Pleasanton has picked up on the second screen phenomenon and is now pitching itself as providing a second screen solution for live events.  And they managed to get some convention industry heavyweights to back up their play.

The Professional Convention Management Association's (PCMA) used NiceMeeting earlier this month at their annual Think Tank session, which was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, this year.

Instead of everyone staring straight ahead at the presentation screen, participants apparently sat round-table style in comfy arm chairs.

“The Nice Meeting iPad solution was pivotal in our small group discussions. It functioned beautifully and was very easy for me (as the moderator) and our attendees to operate. What most impressed me was the very noticeable change in attendee behavior. They interacted with me more because they could ask questions without interrupting the flow of the conversation. Their attention was completely focused on the tablets and the presentation rather than other devices. Everyone was intrigued by the polling feature and enjoyed responding to the questions and discussing the results. Nice Meeting helped to energize our meeting. I think that the next presentation they attend without Nice Meeting will seem lackluster in comparison,” - said  Michelle Bruno, Technology Journalist, Writer & Content Strategist. 

NiceMeeting delivers fromt he cloud and says that it's all-in-one solution improves engagements at live events, and simplifies typical event activities like polling, handouts and the like.

“I would like to say on behalf of PCMA, thank you NiceMeeting team for everything you did to help make this event a success. NiceMeeting really changed the dynamic of the meeting where participants felt they were actually part of the meeting and engaged more closely with the speaker and each other than you see in a typical meeting with a presentation,” – said Jason Paganessi, Vice President Business Innovation at PCMA.

PCMA has 17 chapters throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, and more than 6,000 members across 35 countries.

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