BrightPattern Enters the Cloud Call Center Space

David Howard · July 3, 2013 · Short URL:

Company says they have a next generation cloud computing call center offering

BrightPattern, out of San Bruno, has entered the cloud call center arena with ServicePattern, a platform delivering inbound contact center, outbound call center, web chat and interactive voice response.

The company says they deliver all the call center features of traditional providers like Genesys with all the cloud benefits of upstarts like Five9.

A key differentiator, they say, is their ability to unify analysis and reporting across all channels, including chat, providing a better picture of the customer experience.

Another key feature is standard customer experience surveys across all channels, at the conculsion of the interaction. The company says that customer satisfaction surveys are generally regarded as one of the best ways to improve call center performance and drive progress toward business goals.

“On the continuum from data to information to knowledge to wisdom, too many surveys just provide data,” said Esteban Kolsky, founder of thinkJar – a customer strategies advisory firm. “When surveys occur by default and are consistent across channels, they have the ability to provide valuable information in a way that managers can apply their knowledge to so that they can build and apply wisdom.”

If you thought the race to dominate cloud call centers couldn't get hotter, think again.

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