ClickTale raises $17M growth round

Bambi Francisco Roizen · April 30, 2013 · Short URL:

Provider of Web analytics for e-commerce sites gets fresh capital

As a manager of a social network, I can tell you that one of the most important pieces of information you can have about your members, is what they're doing on each page, and not just what page they went to before and after.

That kind of intelligence is invaluable for any consumer-facing Web company, including e-commerce retailers, which rely heavily on getting users into their virtual doors and through the checkout process. 

Clearly ClickTale must have figured out how to deliver that intel to its clients .

Tel Aviv-based ClickTale, a Web analytics company, announced Tuesday morning that it's raised $17 million in a Series B round of funding, led by European investor Amadeus Capital Partners, with participation from Goldrock Capital and Viola Credit. 

ClickTale helps e-commerce companies, such as Abercrombie & Fitch or Barnes & Noble, know how customers are navigating their websites. Traditional Web analytics company track only page-to-page navigation. "ClickTale collects everything the visitor does inside the page, all the mouse moves, clicks, scrolls, etc.," said Tal Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of ClickTale.

ClickTale's customers (the big retailers) can this action through heatmaps. They can make improvements to their customer experience, which can in turn increase conversion rates and revenue. "These type of insights are not available with traditional clickstream analytics solutions," said Schwartz. 

Doubtless, understanding an users navigation is extremely useful for any consumer-facing website. Studies have tried to quantify the negative implications of a poor Web experience. More than two-thirds of people abandoned their shopping carts prior to checkout, according to a recent Baymard Institute review.

By seeing what people are actually doing on a page, and not just know what they're clicking on, an online marketing and e-commerce manager can understand how to improve the experience. It's incredibly important data for anyone trying to keep their clients on their website, and importantly improve the experience.

ClickTale was founded in 2006 and was initially funded by YL Ventures, which was founded by Yoav Lietersdorf. 


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