Brightcove's Jeremy Allaire's lessons learned

Kristin Karaoglu · March 27, 2013 · Short URL:

At Splash NY, CEO and founder gives tips on raising capital, a founder's vision, and more

Vator Splash is one of the few events where entrepreneurs can hear from seasoned and veteran entrepreneurs who've built successful businesses from the ground up. As Bambi Francisco noted, our Splash Keynotes are "Lessons worth sharing" much like TED talks are "Ideas worth spreading."

All of our keynotes have founded their companies and either taken them through the IPO, exited for several hundred million or currently preside over a company that's more than $500 million in valuation. In NY, one of our keynote speakers was Jeremy Allaire, who founded and took Brightcove public. Prior to founding Brightcove, Allaire was the CTO at Macromedia. Watch Allaire share his lessons for entrepreneurs, as well as Scott Kurnit, an angel investor and entrepreneur, who gave the keynote introduction.

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If you're in LA and want to hear Splash Keynotes live, join us at Splash LA at the Hollywood Roosevelt on May 30. Giving the keynotes will be: Josh Berman, founder and CEO of Beachmint and Paul Thelen, founder and CEO of Big Fish Games. Register here.

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