Best of the Web: Binders full of women

Faith Merino · October 19, 2012 · Short URL:

Memes, tweets, and fake reviews after Romney's "binders full of women" gaffe

Looking for more female employees for your business?  Have you checked the binder?  It’s updated regularly.  Or maybe you need more ethnic minorities or disabled employees.  Have you consulted those binders?  How can you expect to be a successful Rich White Guy (RWG) unless you stay up-to-date on the damn binders?!?

Yeah, I’m trying to squeeze what I can out of the “binders full of women” Romney gaffe.  The rule is that you only have three days to latch onto and make fun of a political flub, so this is technically the last day I can do it. 

The Web has come alive with all things binder-related this week, to the extent that I actually feel bad for Mitt.  There he was, striving heroically to find a qualified woman for his cabinet whose resume didn’t list “dinner-making,” “husband-catching,” and “baby-gestating” under relevant skills and qualifications, and now we’re all making fun of him.  The man was hunting high and low for that crafty, elusive creature--the qualified woman--and we mock his pain!  The funniest part of this whole thing is that it’s not even true—but that’s another story altogether.

So in an effort to milk the “binders full of women” gaffe while it’s still somewhat relevant, I’ve compiled a mix of the best binder memes, tweets, and Web jokes we’ve seen this week.

For starters, the “binders” kicked off this marvelous cascade of fake binder reviews on Amazon.  (This isn't the first time Amazon has become a social media platform for mock reviews.)  Here are a couple of the more amazing ones for the Avery Durable View binder:

And then, of course, there are the binder memes.  "Binders full of women" famously had a Tumblr page before the debates were even over.  And there were some nuggets of brilliance, such as the "Ermahgerd" girl Romney-style: 

The Patrick Swayze meme: 


The Bill Clinton meme:


The Beyonce meme:


The Dos Equis man meme:


The Kanye-style meme:


And my favorite:


And then there were the tweets...


That last tweet wasn't a #binder tweet, but I liked it anyway.


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