HotelTonight 4.0 now offers personalized hotel options

Faith Merino · September 18, 2012 · Short URL:

Now users can find hotels based on their preferences and alternate options as well

Fresh off its $23 million Series C round, HotelTonight is releasing a new update to its mobile hotel booking app that comes with a suite of new personalized features.  Version 4.0 was released Tuesday and not only offers a more personalized list of hotel options, but now offers alternate options as well.

Now, in addition to the Impulse Deals, the HotelTonight app allows users to find hotels in a range of categories that allow them to personalize their options, including finding hotels closer to your current location, hotels liked by similar HotelTonight bookers, and hotels you previously stayed in and liked. 

Or you can select the bonus luxe or hip hotel option, which will display a selection of alternate hotel options based on your past booking history, location, and so on.  When a hotel that matches a user’s preferences is found, it will be displayed below the featured deals.

Other new features in the iOS app will include hotel ratings from other users, distance to hotels when you’re within 10 miles, easier booking for multi-night stays, and a city list organized by country.  The updated Android app will include improved swipe navigation and enhanced support for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean devices.

The new update comes on the heels of HotelTonight’s recently launched international expansion, which added 10 new cities to its lineup, including London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Liverpool.  Recently added U.S. cities include St. Louis, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, and Nashville.

Launched in January 2011, HotelTonight now serves over 50 cities throughout the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.

To recap, the app does exactly what it says it does: it gets you a hotel—tonight.  And it does so without needing much input from you.  Where booking with Expedia or some other online company requires planning ahead, HotelTonight uses your location to find available rooms nearby at deep discounts—up to 70% off the standard price.  And it’s a win for hotels, who can fill unsold rooms at the last minute.

“HotelTonight was built for the on-the-go, mobile consumer. Every single feature we add to the app is created with this mobile-first mentality. The new personalized hotel options give our customers even more ways to book a last-minute room at a hotel that’s already been vetted by the HT team,” said HotelTonight CEO Sam Shank, in a statement.

In June, the company raised a $23 million Series C round led by U.S. Venture Partners, with help from Accel Partners, Battery Ventures, and First Round Capital.  The new round brought HotelTonight’s total raised to $38.85 million.

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