Quora adds embed tool to increase traffic to site

Krystal Peak · August 20, 2012 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/2980

On a road to greater exposure, Quora sees information sharing as a positive opportunity

The collaborative, professional query answering service Quora has launched news tools for its relatively young offering. On Monday, Quora added an embeddable quote feature that lets any website host its content and makes citations and trackbacks easier to show. 

Recenlty, comScore tracked that Quora receives 1.5 million monthly uniques, up 300% in the last year. This is substantial growth but still hasn't made the company a household name like Wikipedia or Answers.com.  It's possible that making it easier for people to host and connect with Quora for their blogs, Websites and online service will help boost the familiarity that the average Internet user will have with Quora.

Thanks to this new addition, when users browse Quora, an embed button allows you grab the code necessary to stick a question and answer on your site. The service even allows you to set up the layout you want displayed -- users can can choose between a narrow or original layout, and even select the exact excerpt of the text desired.  

This addition is similar to the "embedded tweets” option that Twitter introduced last year -- creating a very streamlined way to use a company's content and give credit where credit is due. 

This very-necessary tool helps companies display articulate and updated answers to common quandaries while increasing the traffic that Quora experiences. 

Quora says it added the embeddable feature in response to users and media organizations asking for an easier way to share the site's content.

Over the last two years Quora has attracted more than $61 million in venture funding from the likes of Benchmark Capital, Peter Thiel, Matrix Partners and others. 

Based in Palo Alto and founded in 2009, Quora has gained a lot of notoriety in the professional world as a  go-to place for questions and answers created, edited, and organized by a range of experts. 

Unlike WIkipedia, the site is set up like a direct Q&A and the sources given the answers have built up referenced bios that show their qualifications.

With the Internet filled with unsourced and bogus answers to common questions, a lot of people are hoping that Quora will continue to improve its system and drive up those traffic number to keep the system alive and thriving.


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