Obama app mobilizes volunteers for the win

Krystal Peak · July 31, 2012 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/28d3

A new DNC app shows that politicians don't have to struggle with technology

The Obama campaign for reelection continues to flex its tech competence as it releases a voter engagement app for volunteer crews to stay organized with just 100 remaining until election day.

Obama For America released the iPhone app that synchronizes with Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS, as well as a web app, Dashboard, on the OFA website to keep its thousands of volunteers on the same page. 

The campaign is billing the smartphone app a tool that allow organizers, volunteers and voters to better engage with the campaign. Lets face it, when you have a bunch of young and enthusiastic people canvassing in neighborhoods they have know little about, a mobile app is the perfect tool to orient them and allow them to check in with others on their team.

The app includes events and actions tabs to let people RSVP for nearby events, register yourself to vote, help register other voters, become a volunteer in a local “team,” and even canvass your neighborhood.

The canvass section is the most interactive feature for the app. It lets you load a list of households to visit in your current location, get information on individual voters (including first name and last initial, age, and registered political party) and load a script to refer to during the whole interaction process. And you can enter people’s responses directly into the app in real time, then send it back to VoteBuilder, a voter database tool used by the Democratic National Committee.

There’s also a "Local Impact" tab filled with quick facts on how Obama has impacted your specific state. 

The app also streams national campaign news, lists volunteer opportunities, allows for easy social media sharing, see the latest voter ID laws by state and a place to report voting problems or abuse. 

Users can also donate to the campaign using the app.

“We designed our new app to help break down the distinction between online and offline organizing, giving every supporter the same opportunities to get involved that they would find in a field office,” said Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama for America Stephanie Cutter in a statement.

This is really thoughtful app that empowers a team of political enthusiasts is a stark contrast to Mitt Romney’s “Amercia”, there app with its obvious spelling errors and photo focus.

Obama has been very close to the cutting edge in adopting social media outlets to keep connected with the younger generation. He has held Twitter conversation, G+ hangouts, YouTube addresses and built a community on Facebook and Tumblr.

You can get the app today from the App Store for iOS devices; the team is launching an Android version soon.

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