Airbnb creates wish list feature for travel discovery

Krystal Peak · June 27, 2012 · Short URL:

Users can now create lists of travel desires and share them much like Pinterest boards

Airbnb is taking a page from Pinterest and has updated its service to let users add homes to different wish lists. This lets people create and curate their favorite destinations into sections like "Vacation Spot," "Honeymoon," "Work Retreat," and "Dream Homes." Airbnb also sees the functionality for frequent travelers to create city-specific lists for different adventures.

Airbnb announced last week that it has seen tremendous growth since its creation in 2008 -- already seen huge growth since being founded in 2008. Just last week, Airbnb hit the 10 million guest nights booked mark, with 200,000 active property listings on the site.

This new feature also allows users to share their lists with Facebook friends as long as both parties have opted into the Facebook Connect feature.

The new ability to curate and share spots that are intriguing, especially now that Airbnb has hit sits growth stride, could be another boost to its bookings much like many retail companies and Etsy has seen with the rocket-ship propulsion of Pinterest. 

Airbnb has also commissioned more than a million professional photographs of its properties and is featuring much larger imagery and an infinite scroll that removes those pesky page links at the bottom of the screen -- I, for one, hate those.

With everyone realigning their websites with discovery and sharing rather than search, people are going to find some amazing gems to share online, if not visit themselves.

Some of these adjustments are also occurring on the Airbnb iPhone app so that people can see and add to wish lists as well as search for popular or featured selections.



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