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Kristin Karaoglu · May 18, 2012 · Short URL:

No. 1 mistake: Not being able to respond properly to criticism and not removing dead weight partners

Today's Entrepreneur is MD Wong, CEO of MergeLocal. According to his VEQ MD is product management, sales execution and technology design.

Wong's company MergeLocal is currently competing in Vator's Splash LA start-up competition.  

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I am a(n):  Entrepreneur

Companies I've founded or co-founded:  MergeLocal

Startups I worked for:  Upsellit / USI Technologies, TouchCommerce

If you are an entrepreneur, why? 

Because I don't believe in boundaries.

My favorite startups:  DropBox, Square, MergeLocal

What's most frustrating and rewarding about entrepreneurship/innovation? 

The most frustrating part of life/time is not being able to slow it down. Keep moving or die. The most reward part is how much more powerful each small win is when its all on your shoulders.

What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs make? 

Not being able to respond properly to criticism and not removing dead weight partners. (yah I know - its says no.1 mistake. Please refer to "why I'm an entrepreneur")

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur? 

  1. Grab the Wheel and Steer - Don't be complacent
  2. Its not easy - even if you think it is.
  3. Believe. Find religion in what you do and be passionate.
  4. Everything is important but sometimes you have to choose.

What investors, angels, VCs, do you most admire and why? 

Dave McClure: HIs mouth - he just tells it how it is. 

Bill Gross: His entrepreneurial ADD reminds me of my own. I hope to one day be able to draw a path like he has. 

Jason Calacanis: East cost swagger, hard nosed but down to earth. No ego when you get down to it and he listens... when he wants to. 

Ask for more if you like - I admire and follow self made successful people like most do with movie stars and super heros. 

What industries are you interested in investing in or innovating in? 

I love mobile. Because I'm old enough to remember pay phones. The world is a different place now - and its still changing at the same pace.  In a different life I may have been interested in automobile or industrial design.

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Mergelocal is a mobile app that allows users to check in at their favorite places and get paid for telling their friends on Facebook and Twitter about their experience. 


MD Wong

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CEO and Co-Founder of Mergelocal. I'm a web dev, biz dev and everything in between. I live for helping businesses and disrupting broken industries.