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Krystal Peak · May 1, 2012 · Short URL:

Brands looking to create deeper customer engagement may now turn to Get Satisfaction Anywhere

Get Satisfaction is extending its customer engagement tools into customizable widgets that can be placed anywhere a brand wants to offer clients answers and input.

The San Francisco-based company that is already powering 65,000 online customer communities is launching this new adaptable widget with a small group of clients in a beta test and expects to soon roll out these offerings to all current and future companies interested.

As most companies thrust their brands and employees into the world of social media, there are a lot of issues that arise from bringing together customer service and the online platforms were people go to get more company information.

Get Satisfaction, launched in 2007, originally aimed to provide a more comprehensive and intuitive place for customers to get the answers to their questions and provide feedback about their experience with a company. Now Get Satisfaction is hoping to take the tools it has built to create an even more comprehensive dialogue and create conversations anywhere a company wishes to provide it – on their retail page, on Facebook or on mobile apps. The new service is called Get Satisfaction Anywhere.

I caught up with Get Satisfaction’s CEO, Wendy Lea, to discuss how consumer engagement is more than just using a listening service to hear what people say about the company – its also answering the comments and creating a community to support that conversation.

“We noticed the value in creating a full view of all customer service conversations and placing them everywhere a brand would want,” Lea said. “Customers want to see that the brands they are working with are providing all the help and details right up front – not hiding them off on some other page.”

Lea pointed out that for the first time, companies now can blend social conversations anywhere to add value to any page they want. When customers are able to get the answers to their questions and hear insight from those that know a lot about the product, the conversion rate to sale soars up to nearly 98% -- and what brand wouldn't want their customers to feel like they are being heard and their concerns are addressed.

These new widgets also allow companies to take these conversation and partner them with listening technology to take action, where needed.

The widget needs no webmaster or IT support to add to a brand’s online presence and can be customized based on different preferences at any time.

The community conversation also is an on-site dialogue box, rather than a link that traffics customers away from the page.

And unlike social media pages that provides service feedback, the community conversations created on Get Satisfaction have a much longer shelf-life for future users to gain insight from.

Get Satisfaction is already used by brands such as Box, OMGPOP, Microsoft, AMC Theatres, and Mint for social marketing, support, product feedback and commerce solutions.


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