Say hello to Apple's iPad HD!

Steven Loeb · March 5, 2012 · Short URL:

The new screen resolution will be revolutionary

Forget about the iPad 3. It's all about the iPad HD from now on!

That’s right! It is being reported by numerous outlets that the much anticipated iPad 3 will be going by another name. But the real question is, will it smell as sweet?

The answer to that is most assuredly going to be a definite yes. As I reported on Friday, in a poll of over 600 people, nearly half said they wouldn’t even consider buying a tablet that wasn’t made by Apple. iPad 3. iPad HD. Does it really matter what they call it? People are going to buy it. The Apple name has an amazingly good reputation. It's as simple as that. 

The question is: will it sell as well as its predecessors? 

The original iPad sold 300,000 units its first day, 450,000 in its first five days and a half million by the eleventh day. It took less than a month to sell one million. 15 million iPads were sold before the iPad 2 was released. The iPad 2 took only took only 28 days to sell one million units. That was two years ago. Just try to imagine how many people have been waiting for another iPad to get their hands on.

So why call it the iPad HD? 

Well, if nothing else, the name change at least tells us exactly what Apple thinks will be the biggest selling point of the new iPad. With a 2048 by 1536 pixel resolution they are calling Retina, Apple has blown the previous generation iPads out of the water. Compare that to the current iPad resolution of 1024 x 768. About two-thirds, or 65%, of potential iPad users might have said they would consider buying an older model for less money, but you have to wonder how difficult that is going to be after seeing the new screen.

To make the point even finer, when polled, people who said they would buy the new iPad cited screen resolution as a close third for most anticipated features of the device with 46%. Right above that were 47% saying better battery life, and a whopping 57% giving faster processor speed as their reason for wanting to purchase it. 

Nearly half, or 46%, is a very big number. Once again it seems like Apple is the company giving the people what they want. 

While it is so far unknown just how much the new iPad will cost, it is being hinted that it might cost around $580. Apple should consider that more than half of the people surveyed said that if the price goes over $599 they would buy an older model, so pricing it at $580 would be getting dangerously close to that line.

We reached out to Apple to confirm the name change but did not get a response. I guess we have to wait for it's release on Wednesday like everyone else. 

Expect the device to hit stores sometime in the next two months.  

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