The Challenges of Online Streaming

Mike Rehan · March 2, 2012 · Short URL:

The world of television is going to change the way people have been watching it.

The world of television is going to change the way people have been watching it. The times of watching TV shows on a TV set through a cable is ancient news since the rise of online streaming is upon us. Online streaming popularity is on the verge of putting cable down for a dirt nap. Cord cutting has attracted many people to ditch the cable, and enter the world of online streaming because of many reasons. One simple reason includes the cost aspect. Companies like Direct TV, Comcast, Rogers are charging an arm and a leg for cable subscriptions. Most families are paying close to $50 a month for basic cable that doesn’t provide all the popular TV channels.  Most of the time, those channels are useless and people tend not to watch. On the other hand, cable is an easy to use system, but online streaming has and is perfecting itself from being even easier than before. A subscription with Netflix will cost a house hold 7.99 per month and can be access through PCs, tablets, playstation3, and with internet connected TVs. In addition, searching for TV shows has never been easier. The TV guide online is much more improved then the TV guide on cable. A site like is a global online TV guide which has over 13,000 videos indexed. Users can search for any show and be able to watch TV online on networks like iTunes, Amazon VOD, Blockbuster and many more. Also, TVRecaps have gone beyond providing TV guide information by allowing users to interact with news, episode updates and being in the loop about TV on the forums.

TVRecaps has partnered with big name companies like, Apple, Wal-mart, Blockbuster and Comcast to provide full streaming TV shows all across the world. Full control features are an important aspect of TVRecaps.  For example, an app will be available on smartphones to alert users when their favorite show is starting. TVRecaps lists popular shows like Modern family, Terra Nova, and many more on the main page, which are graphically presented that generates an attractive appeal. In addition, there are shows that are update as well as new shows that made their debuts in the television world. With the ever so popular trend of online television, TVRecaps is evolving along with it.  The content on is made to deliver to all types of audience which includes TV shows that are listed from the early 1970’s, which allows an older crowd to enjoy premium TV shows. The online catalog not only displays the TV shows to watch, but displays them when available on air.

With more selection of content available online, switching from cable to online is the obvious choice. Statistics have shown that the number of internet users have tripled since 2005, with over 60% of the world population streaming videos online per day. Companies like Netflix, Blockbuster are dealing with challenges to conform into the streaming segment. Netflix has been gaining more than half of their business with the mail out DVDS, while also offering a monthly streaming subscription of 7.99. With the cord cutting factor in place and the rewarding opportunity of online streaming, they’re considering focusing more towards the monthly streaming subscription. Blockbuster also announced that towards the end of this year, they moving into the online streaming segment by streaming their DVD quality movies and TV shows online. In addition to blockbuster, Redbox is slowly moving into streaming online while partnering with Verizon wireless to do so. As you can see, the rise of online streaming is catching on fast and many companies are overcoming the challenges that are involved with it. Sony, LG and Samsung have added an internet connection to all their TV sets to adapt to the online streaming path.





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