Social ad platform MediaBrix closes $4M funding

Nathan Pensky · December 15, 2011 · Short URL:

MediaBrix receives $4M B round to monetize brands on social networking sites

Social networking advertising platform MediaBrix announced a $4 million B round funding from investors Edison Ventures. MediaBrix had secured a $1.5 A series funding in May, an investment led by Revell Partners. MediaBrix is based in New York.

Principal of Edison Ventures Ryan Ziegler, and Operative CEO Mike Lyon will join the MediaBrix board of directors. Other members of the board include Joe Apprendi, Charlie Kemper, Bob Carrigan, and MediaBrix CEO Ari Brandt.

MediaBrix does offers companies a platform to monetize their brands on "Facebook, social apps, games, and other social networking & mobile environments," according to their website. They act as a go-between for brands wanting to have their products advertised in the digital spaces where people are most apt to look.

The first major product from MediaBrix is a Facebook games advertising deployment system called SocialFlex, where users are shown a short video ad after clicking on a button to play a social game app. The window that pops up to show the ad offers the user the option of closing the ad immediately or clicking over to learn more about the product. MediaBrix provided VatorNews with these three demos.

"[MediaBrix] has made seven significant hires between September and December, and plan on doubling the size of their team over the next few months," said a MediaBrix spokesperson to VatorNews.

The spokesperson continued, saying that the company "had several large sponsors, including a major packaged goods company, Nikon cameras, and Nature Made foods, running across some of the largest app and game developments, both on and off Facebook."

As much as the average user probably dislikes the kinds of ad deployment that MediaBrix specializes in, without those ads, sites like Facebook wouldn't exist. So companies with innovative tech, able to deliver advertisements in a user-friendly (read: non-annoying) fashion are very important to the health of social networking sites, and the Web as a whole.

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