FrontDoor Software presentation at Vator Splash SF

Here's CEO and founder Carrie Hafeman giving her three-minute pitch and judges' feedback

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December 3, 2011
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FrontDoorSoftware, a maker of laptop security software, was the winner of Vator Splash SF, held at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco, this past September. The Evergreen, Co.-based company was the winner among 175 participants. As part of the process of choosing the winner, the top 10 finalists had to present their case in a three-minute pitch to several judges. Based on those presentations, the judges chose the winner. 

Here's the three-minute presentation given by Carrie Hafeman, Founder and CEO of FrontDoorSoftware. She also did an outstanding job fielding questions from the VC judges Mark Goines of Morgenthaler, Andy Ross of Grant Thornton, Adam Smith of AOL Ventures, Bill Tai of Charles River Ventures and Rob Theis of Scale Venture Partners. The best part was when Adam asked Carrie why she decided to create this company. She responded: "I grew up selling burglar alarms." 

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Description: FrontDoorSoftware is a leading provider of laptop recovery services in major universities. The patent pending product is already offered ...

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