Barnes and Noble to release a new Nook tablet Nov. 16

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Leaked information reveals tablet to be lighter, slimmer, faster and $249


Next week is going to be an eventful one for Barnes and Noble. On November 7, a press conference in New York City is going to be held at which announcements of new products are expected to be released. But by then, one news will no longer be news. The color Nook Tablet listed at $249.

The product release leaked via presentation slides published by Engadget reveals the launch of a new Nook color tablet for $249. If the slides are legitimate, it is scheduled to be released on November 16. Adding truth to the Engadget's leak, Ubergizmo also reported a leak from a Digital Reader’s source who claimed that staff meetings were taking place to discuss the renovation of an entire section of the store where the news conference is being held, all in anticipation of the new Nook Color.

Other plans include a price reduction of the Nook Color from $249 to $199, while the Nook Simple Touch’s price will drop from $139 to $99.

The Nook Tablet is a dead ringer for the Amazon’s upcoming Kindle Fire but would cost $50 more than the $200 Kindle Fire.

So why bother with it?  

Nook tablet will have twice the RAM and twice the storage compared to the Kindle Fire. Also, it will be lighter and have access to over two million books, magazines and newspapers.  

Just like the Kindle Fire and other tablets on the market, the Nook tablet would undeniably offer fewer features than Apple’s iPad, which still holds the high ground for apps, speed and design, but with a starting price of $499, it is considerably more expensive. On Apple’s front, rumours are swirling around about new lower pricing strategies, just in time for the holiday season.

Consumers will be able to pre-order the latest color Nook on November 7th, and, in-store demonstrations will begin on the 15th.

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