Cloudbot app nabs $1 million in funding social tech

Krystal Peak · October 4, 2011 · Short URL:

Lightbank funding could make contacting your friends on any platform easier


Slipping in just hours before the anticipated announcement of Apple’s iCloud, Cloudbot has secured just about $1 million in funding from Lightbank, with participation from Draper Associates and Hyde Park Angels.

The Chicago-based cloud technology company specializes in pulling together all mobile and Web activity from a user to manage their profile in one place.

Essentially, no matter how many social sites you maintain a profile with, Cloudbot will organize and aggregate all of your contacts and content so you can easily reach out to anyone you know and send them a message or schedule a meeting on the platform they prefer.

Cloudbot received an initial round of attention when AngelPad, a San Francisco tech startup incubator comprised of several ex-Google executives, announced 13 companies it was curating including a career search engine called SecondLeap, a dating web platform called Kismet, a multi-user collaboration platform called Astrid and Cloudbot.

According to its website, AngelPad considers itself a “mentorship program founded by a team of ex-Googlers to help web-technology startups build better products, attract additional funding and ultimately grow more successful businesses.”

Hundreds of Web application companies applied to get into their intimate catalog.

AngelPad and Lightbox see the promise of an aggregation service that helps users that can’t remember if their friend is a LinkedIn friend or a Twitter friend as social networks encourage more segregation and labeling of the people we interact with.

This announcement is happening at the time when cloud buzz is reaching the apex of consumer demand with the October 4 Apple announcement of iCloud. Its even expected that the software release of the Mac-based cloud technology will outshine any iPhone version that may be announced.

As more people fall into the multi-device category, with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PC, the cry for seamless mobility from device to device is higher than ever.

The cloud company is currently inviting people to sign up for a beta invite for their application and are promoting their service using a video hosted on Vimeo that, like their motto of ‘Your Apps. Simplified.’ is very simple and expresses its services without any dialogue or words anywhere.

Cloudbot has yet to flush out its website yet, but its does prominently display the fact that it is hiring backend and iOS engineers at this time, as they currently only have a hand-full of people on staff.


Lightbank and Cloudbot were not immediately available for comment.

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