Klip unveils new video sharing app

Faith Merino · September 20, 2011 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/1f34

Share videos across all of your social networks at once and follow other users' videos on Klip

Mobile video sharing just got a smooth new upgrade from Klip, a mobile app that launched today for iOS devices.  Designed for shooting and sharing, the app allows users to shoot videos from their phone and instantly share with friends in their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or email circle.

So what makes it better than the current methods of shooting and posting a video on Facebook or Twitter?  For one thing, you can post to all of your networks in one go.  By shooting a video or selecting one from your camera roll, you can select which social networks you want to post the video to and share with one tap.

But you can also search videos based on keywords and go beyond your own social circle to follow other Klip users who share your interests.  The app is something of a video-sharing network in itself, akin to Instagram, in which you can integrate your existing social networks while also connecting with and following other users.  You can also go beyond viewing and sharing videos to actually liking and commenting on them from within the app.

Additionally, the app comes with some pretty handy features for those of us who like to fill up awkward silences at boring parties by whipping out our phones and gathering everyone around a silly cat video.  The app allows you to “fast forward” through the app by swiping your finger across it, which takes you frame by frame to the spot you want.  For example, instead of sitting through one and a half minutes of someone talking to their cat, you can zoom through it to start playing right at the part where the cat starts doing something silly. 

Additionally, the app lets you preview videos by either swiping your finger over them, which sends them rolling through the frames, or you can give your phone a quick shake, which will set all the videos in your list rolling quickly through their frames, thereby giving you an idea of what they are.  To stop the previews, you just give your phone another quick shake.

Of course, one of the problems with mobile video apps is the fact that if you’re connected via 3G, there’s a good chance your video might stop halfway through or get choppy.  So Klip actually measures your bandwidth every four seconds to adjust your streaming accordingly.

Klip was founded in April 2011 by Alain Rossmann, former Chairman of online movie streaming service Vudu, who is credited with orchestrating Vudu’s acquisition by Walmart.  Rossmann is also considered by many to be the “father” of wireless access protocol (WAP), which first allowed mobile phones to access the Internet.  Rossmann has founded or co-founded five other technology companies, three of which have gone public and two of which were acquired.

Klip has raised $2 million from Matrix Partners and Alain Rossmann.


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