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Sorab Ghaswalla · September 12, 2011 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/1ec6

Stop keping notes on paper. This service allows you to keep 'em online

Fetchnotes is an Online organizational tool that is on a Cloud server. It allows users to keep their notes in this Cloud for ever. Be it a simple reminder or an idea or your shopping list or your black diary. Jot down your notes using Fetchnotes to be recalled at a later stage using any any device including feature-based mobile phones.
Users can use Fetchnotes with Google Apps, Evernote, Microsoft Outlook, among others. You can also send these listed thoughts/ideas to others like your colleagues or friends, thus making task coordination easier.In short, it is a Cloud-based Notepad, doing away with the yellow paper one on your desk.
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Sorab Ghaswalla

I am an India-based Internet entrepreneur & Internet/digital world consultant. Old world journalist & communicator with almost three decades of experience. Now run my own firm, New Age Content Services LLP, a full Internet Marketing services firm.

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