Facebook App for Online Meetings, Web Conferencing

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Facebook App for Online Meetings, Web Conferencing & eLearning

Banckle Online Meeting now introduces a new Facebook App for conducting online meetings and web conferencing sessions. Using this app, you can set up instant Meet Now meetings, Schedule Meetings, Join ongoing Meetings, View and Recast meetings, Seeing lists of Upcoming and previously conducted History Meetings from within the Facebook.

While scheduling a meeting; you can add email ids of particular meeting attendees and an invitation email will be sent to them with the meeting details and a direct link to join it. You can also paste the meeting URL on your friends or any Facebook pages wall and it would automatically become a Facebook specific widget for Banckle Online Meeting.

How to Access Banckle Online Meeting Facebook App?

You can easily access Banckle Online Meeting Facebook App directly (if you know the URL already) or search for Banckle Online Meeting App Page within Facebook Search, click on Go to App, Sign In with your Banckle ID and Password and you are ready to host or join the online meeting(s).

Banckle Online Meeting Marketplace

Also the Marketplace at Banckle, you can find a great variety Banckle Online Meeting plugins and extensions to integrate it with WordPress, Windows, Elxis, Joomla, Apple MAC and Ubuntu to enhance your online collaboration experience.

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Overview: Banckle Online Meeting

Banckle Online Meeting is a FREE, lightweight and platform independent web conferencing, webinars, audio and video conferencing solution that allows you to collaboratively participate in rich-media online meetings and conducting interactive eLearning sessions online. Share your full screen or an application, PowerPoint presentations or whiteboards with your clients and colleagues from around the globe. It enables you to start or schedule meetings at your choice and gives you all the power to prepare meeting materials on your computer, set and share meeting agenda, invite attendees from inside and outside and monitor all meeting activities.

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