Faster iPhone 5 to debut in September

Faith Merino · June 22, 2011 · Short URL:

The new iPhone 5 is rumored to be faster and have a more advanced camera than the iPhone 4

The keynote address at the WWDC earlier this month just wasn’t the same without the iPhone 5. I even held out hope for a “and one more thing…” which would unveil the iPhone 5 in all its glory. Of course, an iPhone 5 is most definitely in the works, we just have to be patient.

F-ck patience. When is the damn iPhone 5 coming out, Apple? Apparently, it may be soon, according to areport from Bloomberg, which pegs September as the release date for the iPhone 5. Additionally, the device will reportedly be faster and have a more advanced camera than the iPhone 4, according to Bloomberg’s sources.

The iPhone 5 will include the A5 processor, which is the processor that was added to the iPad 2, boasting 2x the speed of its predecessor, the A4. Apple also claims that the A5 processor speeds up graphics performance on the iPad 2 by nine times while consuming no more power than the A4 processor. So, it may be safe to assume that the iPhone 5 will be faster, boast better graphics performance, and maintain the same low power consumption as the iPhone 4.

The device will also come with an 8-megapixel camera, compared to the 5-megapixel camera in the iPhone 4.

While the iPhone 5 won’t be available until September, the new iOS 5 will debut at a developer’s conference this month, featuring improved messaging and photo-sharing. It has also been designed to run on all of Apple’s mobile devices, which, until last year, each ran on slightly different versions of iOS.

Given the plethora of different iPhone announcements this year (the Verizon iPhone and then the white iPhone), Apple made it clear that the iPhone 5 would not make its big debut at the June developer’s conference, as every other iPhone has. Perhaps all of that iPhone hullaballoo accounts for the iPhone’s recent jump in market share, claiming 26% of the market and knocking RIM to third place with 25.7% of the market. 

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