Can You Be a Mom In Tech

Lis Hubert · May 24, 2011 · Short URL:

originally posted on 5/24/2011

Although I have yet to enter into the joy that is motherhood, I talk to and am great friends with many mothers. A lot of them I know hesitate to go back to work after having their children... and for good reason. Now, imagine that feeling and also imagine that the work you are trying to enter into involves the tech industry. It’s fast paced, ever changing, and requires a lot of energy to stay up to date and keep up. I can’t imagine choosing between this career, and starting and raising a family. If this is you, or if you are thinking about these topics, you must read Gotham Gal’s blog post Still CEO of the Wilson household

In this post, Gotham Gal talks about her many projects and accomplishments... she is a much accomplished tech professional. However, she acknowledges that these professional accomplishments are not the reason she wrote this particular piece. Instead, I look at the piece as one that shows that a woman can do both, be a successful tech entrepreneur and be a great mother and family owner. And Gotham Girl uses the piece to point out that her dedication to her family never wavers, because they come first. She does a great job of prioritizing the many things in her life, so that she can do it all, and be an accomplished mother and professional. I think that this is an important and timely article, because it lets all of us know that it is possible to do both, and most importantly, it lets us know that it is OK to want to do both. 

So, the moral of the story is, we can have it all Women in Tech. Yes, it can be scary entering into and working in a profession like tech, especially while wanting to keep your family and home life intact. But, by prioritizing these different parts of your life and knowing your limits as well as your goals, you can do both, and find fulfillment in all the different areas of your life... thereby being both a Mom and a Woman in Tech... just like Gotham Gal.

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