eBay acquires MissionFish for cause marketing

Faith Merino · May 3, 2011 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/19fb

A partner with eBay for 8 years, MissionFish now officially joins the family


Auction-based marketplace eBay announced Monday afternoon that it has acquired MissionFish, the company that powers the eBay Giving Works program, from its previous owner, Points of Light. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 1999, MissionFish has been the backend tech provider for eBay’s Giving Works program for more than eight years. The company has also powered eBay for Charity in the UK since 2005. Since becoming an eBay partner in 2003, MissionFish has helped raise some $250 million in the U.S. and the UK by connecting customers with nonprofit causes.

The company raises funds by allowing sellers on eBay to donate some of the proceeds from their sales to a nonprofit of their choice, while nonprofits can raise funds by selling directly on eBay as well. Additionally, visitors to the site can donate using the Donate Now feature, which allows anyone with a PayPal account to donate instantly regardless of whether or not they’re buying or selling on eBay.

“This move is a strong endorsement by eBay of the program, and of the idea that a global company can deliver a dramatic social impact through their products and properties,” said MissionFish founder Sean Milliken in a statement. “In addition to bringing our seasoned social entrepreneurs in-house, eBay is investing their money, their people and their brainpower into our mission.”

MissionFish will continue to power the eBay Giving Works program, with Points of Light handling and delivering donations to charities. But over time, eBay will develop a separate non-profit organization staffed by MissionFish employees and that will handle and deliver all donations, gradually phasing out Points of Light.

Donations were up 7% in 2010, according to eBay, raising a total $54.8 million in the U.S. and the UK for the year. Approximately one donation is made every 24 seconds through eBay Giving Works, raising $91 every minute, with $4.01 being the average amount donated.

In June 2010, eBay and MissionFish received a Cause Marketing Halo Award for the Best Transactional Campaign. The award honors campaigns that generate donations via consumer activity.


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