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Sorab Ghaswalla · February 17, 2011 · Short URL:

Startup Surfmark allows Netizens to record & share their individual Search effort

Today, we have written about a Startup called Surfmark that has decided to solve a simple problem that confronts millions of fellow Surfers - How to save & organize the results of individual Netizen's Internet Search. The effort put in to Search something on the Net can be utilized two-fold (a) Refer back to the  information once again at a later stage (b) that other surfers, too, can benefit from some one else's Search effort.
Surfmark based in California, USA, claims to allow a user to "recycle" the effort at Search. This Startup has several ways of doing so. It provides users a set of Browser-based Apps (i.e. Explorer, Firefox, etc) & Desktop Apps & other hosted services. All 3 options have a single purpose - to save, organize & share the knowledge created as a by-product of an individual Netizen's Search effort.
The easiest way for any user to do so is to use this Cloud-hosted website. The Surfmark website allows not only full-text Search but also the sharing of Content without the need for an account or the installation of any Apps or Browser extensions
The fellas at Surfmark think that eventually, the repository of these constantly updated Surfmarks will become an important resource for complex task-oriented Searches.
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