iPad users leap 537% in mobile ad network

Faith Merino · February 14, 2011 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/1704

A report from Mojiva notes that unique iPad users skyrocketed by 537% in its ad network in 3 months

Mobile media ad network Mojiva on Monday released a report finding the iPad's unique user audience grew by a jaw-dropping 537% between November 2010 and January 2011. 

For context, Mojiva (which I've been mispronouncing for months now as Mo-HEE-Va when it's actually pronounced Mo-JEE-Va) is a mobile ad network that serves publishers and advertisers in 190 countries. Ads in Mojiva's network reach 77.6 million unique users each month and 299 million worldwide. 

Not only has the iPad's unique user audience exploded by 537%, user engagement as measured by the click-through-rate has nearly doubled to 0.32% in January 2011, up from 0.18% in November 2010, according to the report. Additionally, in the three months ending in January 2011, ad requests on Mojiva audience iPads have skyrocketed 866%.

"If tablets follow suit in popularity the way that smartphones have, the wireless device arena is set to be full of opportunity, strong, highly creative rich media executions and more wireless device content for everyone to enjoy!" the report notes.

In the world of smartphones, Android continues to dominate. As of December 2010, Android users accounted for 60% of Mojiva's network, dropping slightly in January 2011 to 52%, but still maintaining a lead over iPhone users, who accounted for 30% of Mojiva's network in December 2010 and 36% of the network in January 2011. 

Android users also accounted for the largest group to surf the Web from their mobile devices on New Years Day.  Android users made up 48% of the Mojiva network on New Years Day, compared to 33% for iPhone.

RIM has had an irregular three months.  In November 2010, RIM accounted for just 2% of Mojiva's network, compared to 9% in January 2011 and a full 16% on New Years Day. While RIM still maintains a slight lead in market share, closing 2010 with 31.6% of the mobile OS market, according to comScore. But Android is poised to take the lead in the coming months, trailing RIM with 28.7% of the market in December 2010. 

The Mojiva report also looked at the evolution of the handset market between January 2010 and January 2011, with some interesting findings. Norably, the iPhone wasn't even in the top five rankings last year, and smartphones only accounted for three of the top five (WAP-enabled phones accounted for the other two). In January 2011, however, smartphones accounted for all of the top five handsets users purchased, with the iPhone taking the number one spot. 

Image source: inhabitat.com

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