Want to make a Social Calling Card?Here's how

Sorab Ghaswalla · February 5, 2011 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/16b2

Startup SocializedCard from India allows users to make their own Social Business Card

In today's age of Social Networking, it has become imperative for all of us to be members of one & more Social sites. But how do you manage all your Social account IDS & let people know of all of 'em? Simple, make a calling card. This Startup from India called SocializedCard allows you to do just that. Click here to find out how.

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Sorab Ghaswalla

I am an India-based Internet entrepreneur & Internet/digital world consultant. Old world journalist & communicator with almost three decades of experience. Now run my own firm, New Age Content Services LLP, a full Internet Marketing services firm.

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