YouNoodle - connecting entrepreneurs

This US-based Startup is all about the art & craft of doing business

Technology trends and news by Sorab Ghaswalla
January 26, 2011
Short URL: http://vator.tv/n/1654

Today, we have featured YouNoodle, the San Francisco, US based Startup. If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one, an investor or the owner of an early stage Startup, YouNoodle strives to serve as a "connection". YouNoodle claims to be a platform that "inspires, connects & empowers entrepreneurs with the tools needed to found, launch & run a successful Startup. 
YouNoodle (currently in Beta) has various sections catering to  the demands of doing/starting a business. There is one on 'Entrepreneur Groups' like the Stanford (university) Entrepreneur Club, where a member can create a Group or join another, even set up & manage competitions.  The Startup provides a platform for 50 of the world's top university entrepreneurship clubs and competitions, serving tens of thousands of members and thousands of startups. So, if you run a group and would like to join the platform, he/she can apply & the guys behind YouNoodle will get back to you.
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