Tim Chang promoted to partner at Norwest

Bambi Francisco Roizen · November 22, 2010 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/13ff

Lead investor in both ngmoco and Playdom gets partner badge

Here at Vator, we're big fans of Tim Chang.  Not because he's been a consistent performer, jamming on his guitar, at the Vator Splash afterparties.

But because Tim has always been a consistent provider of insight into the venture capital and gaming industries.

We're excited to share news, therefore, that Tim has just been promoted to partner at Norwest.

Needless to say, we're not so surprised about this promotion as it was only a matter of time, given his track record.

Tim was the lead on both ngmoco and Playdom investments. Transactions which resulted in in a combined transaction value in excess of $1 billion. Ngmoco, an iOS game developer raised $40 million in venture financing and was sold to DeNA in October for $400 million. This past July, Disney bought Playdom, a maker of popular social games on Facebook and MySpace, for $563.2 million.

"Tim is an up and coming VC, an extremely hard worker and an integral part of the success of NVP,” said Promod Haque, managing partner, NVP. “He is great at recognizing disruptive, global companies and finding a way to bring them to market at the right time. We are thrilled to announce his promotion.”

Congratulations Tim.

(Editor's note: Tim and his band, Cover Flow, will also be playing at Vator Splash Feb 2011 at Cafe du Nord. Additionally, Neil Young, founder and CEO of ngmoco, will be a keynote speaker. Check out the Vator Splash Feb event here) 


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Neil Young

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Working on next project. Founded ngmoco in 2008, 25+ Top 5 Apps, first company to have top grossing free-2-play iOS titles & Plus+ Social Network became Mobage West.

Tim Chang

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Tim is a proven venture investor and experienced global executive, and was named on the 2011 Forbes Midas List of Top 100 Dealmakers.