Drew Curtis: Lessons running Fark for 11 yrs

Daniel Sontag · August 9, 2010 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/10fa

Founder and CEO shares lessons on building a leading news-comedy site from his home in Kentucky

Drew Curtis is at the helm of Fark, a news aggregation site known for clever and snarky headlines, founded 11 years ago. Drew owns 100% of this news site and operates it virtually. The quarterly get-togethers with his staff, who work all across the country, help bring the team together for some power-strategy discussions and camaraderie.

In this "Lessons Learned" segment, Drew talks about what drives him to run his business. He also talks about the lessons he learned from his first startup, an Internet service provider, which failed. He started that venture when he was 23-years-old.

One of his key pieces of advice is to acknowledge what's not working and move on. Many entrepreneurs are eternal optimists and often hope things will get better. "If you see something going off the rails... don't ignore it," he said. 

Drew also talks about the upside and downside of working virtually. "Tax laws are incredibly inept," said Drew, explaining that his staff work from home and so don't really fall under any jurisdiction besides the U.S.

Drew also talks about whether he would raise funding today, even though he's lasted 11 years without it and is profitable.

(Full disclosure: Drew is an investor in Vator)


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Fark is a satirical news forwarding site.  The Fark community identifies
odd, funny and entertaining news stories from across the Web and Fark
presents them in a clever and engaging way.

In January the site had over 4 million unique visitors and 60 million page
views - and there's tremendous growth potential beyond these numbers.  The
Fark community also submitted 60,000 stories and posted almost 900,000
comments in January alone.

In addition, the site is in a pivotal strategic position as it directs
substantial traffic outbound to other sites (Fark generated approximately 50
million outbound clicks in January).


Drew Curtis

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