12 Ways to Developing General Leads and Prosp

How to generate Leads

Lessons learned from entrepreneur by Rakesh Verma
July 3, 2010
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1.    Understand prospects through existing customers and competitors

2.    Online Feedback- Provide incentive for new customers to provide feedback on your products and services, this will reveal what they were looking for and what advantage they saw in your offering over the competition.

3.    Online Polls and surveys- An online survey is an easy (and very cost effective) tool to gain an in depth understanding of your customers and prospects.

4.    Competitive review - By understanding your competitors you can understand the nature of their offering.

5.    Focus groups- Your current customers are your best form of feedback and they will often provide this feedback for free! You can get the feedback by creating a feedback section on your website.

6.    Create your lead generation campaign- Once you have identified what your customers are looking for you can use your website to communicate directly with them about the various ways your offering is a perfect match for their needs.  

7.    Use your website for communicating your core lead generation messages through a marketing campaign.

8.    Request details- You can  provide an online form for a specific purpose like inquiring about a product or service, reassure the prospect that their details will be used only to deal with their inquiry.

9.    A great way to increase your online inquiries is to give something away in exchange for prospects details.

10.    Collect Relevant Data- When collecting prospects details ensure that you have different forms for different offers, solutions or products.

11.    Establish a strategy to manage leads through the sales.

12.    The key to a successful lead generation campaign is to get to know your prospects and create a lead generation campaign that appeals to target market.


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