Vator Splash Finalist: Arkayne

Chris Caceres · June 2, 2010 · Short URL:

Arkayne scans through millions of Web pages to find relationships and build links for you

Arizona-based Arkayne, competed a few weeks ago at our Vator Splash event in San Francisco.  The company's co-founder, Paul Kenjora presented his pitch on stage in front of several hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors.  Here's the video we captured and a summary of what the startup is all about.

Serving as Internet marketing software, Arkayne helps businesses get found online.  The startup's technology scans through millions of Webpages to find relationships within pages and build links, in what it describes as a 'very short period of time.'  Say for example, a blogger integrates Arkayne's technology into their post, at the end of their blog post you'll see relevant links to other sites or posts within their blog---those are powered by Arkayne.

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