Google updates Image Search for mobile

Chris Caceres · April 29, 2010 · Short URL:

Search giant makes it easier to find and scan through images on your Android or iPhone

Google has significantly improved Image Search for Android and iPhone.  The company announced this and showed off the features in a blog post.  

These are the sort of in-browser tools that keep me believing Web-based mobile tools will prevail over apps.  In the case of this new Image Search, Google made it pretty much as easy as can be to navigate and find images through its search.

I searched for images of the Moog Synthesizer and was pleasantly surprised with how fast it all works.  As we are familiar with, Google displays the image results in a grid of squares where you can get a thumbnail preview.  



The new upgrade comes into place when you zoom in on an image.  Google displays the image on a clean black background, which it said, "emphasizes the image and the buttons fade after a few seconds so you can just see images with little distraction."  Users can then swipe to see the next image.

Surprisingly there is virtually no loading time.  This is probably because Google is displaying a pre-cached thumbnail version of the image which already loaded into your browser.  So flipping through images feels pretty seamless.  If the user decides they want to see a full size image, they can choose to do so and are redirected to another page.


Check out the video below to see it in action.

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