SaaS: Develop, Price, Operate and Succeed

Jeremy Beck · April 27, 2010 · Short URL:

Workshop for SaaS Product Owners

  • One Day SaaS Executive Workshop Covering Technical and Business Topics
  • May 13, 2010 at the Donatello Hotel (near Union Square) San Francisco

Executives responsible for succeeding in the SaaS market need to make a series of critical choices in developing, packaging and selling their offerings. This one-day workshop provides the insights and tools needed to make the right choices.

Many of the challenges SaaS companies face can be met by balancing and integrating technical considerations with the business aspects of SaaS. Companies that can do this can bring their products to market rapidly and become cash-flow positive quickly.

This workshop is the first to integrate pricing and business models with development and deployment. The workshop will be held on May 13th, the day after the OpSource and SIIA event SaaS Summit: All About the Cloud at the Westin St Francis Hotel on Union Square in San Francisco. The workshop venue is conveniently located one half-block from the St Francis, at the Donatello Hotel on Post Street.

Which companies can benefit by attending this workshop:

  • A new venture or as an ISV with on-premise products considering developing a SaaS offering
  • A service company with significant vertical expertise than could be delivered and monetized in a SaaS model.
  • An existing SaaS provider who made choices opportunistically that now constrain growth and cash flow.
  • A SaaS entrepreneur with limited funding that needs to achieve positive cash flow early with products that evolve with the market.
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