Google announces a new Apps Marketplace

Ronny Kerr · March 10, 2010 · Short URL:

New platform lets software providers sell their Google Apps add-ons directly through Google

For once, Google is actually admitting it can't do it all. That's why the company launched the Google Apps Marketplace last night as a new way for third-party software providers to sell Google Apps add-ons to individuals and businesses taking advantage of Google's cloud computing offerings.

"We've found that when businesses begin to experience the benefits of cloud computing, they want more," writes Product Manager Chris Vander Mey. "We're often asked when we'll offer a wider variety of business applications — from accounting and project management to travel planning and human resources management. But we certainly can't and won't do it all, and there are hundreds of business applications for which we have no particular expertise."

That's where third-party developers come in.

The Google Apps Marketplace is meant to be the go-to place for everything from accounting and finance products to Google Analytics add-ons, all designed, packaged, and sold by third-party companies not associated with Google directly, but wishing to complement the company's Google Apps suite. Like any proper app store, each product has its own dedicated page in the Marketplace, complete with full product description, vendor information, pricing details, and recent customer reviews.

Google Apps Marketplace

The store launched last night with 50 applications, offerings sure to be picked up by at least a few of Google Apps' many customers, made up of 25 million users and 2 million businesses.

One example of an application already available in the Marketplace is Intuit Online PayRoll, software directly integrated into Google Apps that lets users access payrolls or paychecks from Google Calendar as well as print checks, pay taxes, e-file, and more. Another product called JIRA Studio, created by Atlassian Software, is a hosted software development suite that employs subversion source control and wiki-style collaboration features in tandem with Google's own offerings to create a seamless development experience for employees.

Google Apps Marketplace replaces the older Google Solutions Marketplace, a similar store for products that complement Google's own offerings.

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