Tweetmeme adds 'Follow' button

Chris Caceres · February 23, 2010 · Short URL:

Neat new feature to help you gain more Twitter followers

Tweetmeme, the makers of the "Retweet" button, have just released a new button to integrate into your blogs - the "Follow" button.  

What's it do?  Well the button is specifically built so people can easily follow you.  By clicking on the follow button, the user won't be redirected to Twitter.  Instead, the button connects to Twitter using the Twitter OAuth.  So the follow action happens instantly.  

On top of that, the button has a live counter, which is meant to help users make a decision of whether to follow that entity or not.  If you're already following someone, the button knows and doesn't display the "+" symbol.  

If you decide to follow using Tweetmeme's button, you get access to several other features including Twitter Profile picture, Real name, Twitter username, Twitter profile description, Following/follower count, Recent links retweeted.  

The 'retweet' button has worked great to get your stories shared across the Web.  This new feature will be great for a blogger to easily gain more followers without having to scour through Twitter trying to find them.

Tweetmeme's 'retweet' button has been installed on over 100,000 Websites since its launch back in 2009.  The company said it has also peaked at 300 million retweet buttons served in one day and in the last 30 days has served over 7 billion buttons.

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