A whole lot of iPad apps on the way

Chris Caceres · February 12, 2010 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/dc3

Flurry report indicates plenty iPad developers working hard

The iPad was received with mixed emotions amid the tech industry.  Some feeling it will change the way we consume media, and others believing the device is useless with its lack of multitasking and limitations on browsing the Web (like lack of Flash support.)  

Either way, along with Apple's announcement of the device in late January came a surge of developers registering new iPhone OS applications, according to Flurry Analytics

As you can see in the graph, around 1,600 new iPhone OS applications were started in January, while just a month before that there were only a little less than 600.  This nearly three times increase is due to the excitement generated by Apple's iPad event, believes Flurry. 

"Historically, Flurry has measured surges in new application starts within its system in anticipation of new device launches," said the analytics firm. 

If you're a little confused about why we're referring these apps as iPhone OS apps as opposed to iPad apps, it's because the new iPad will run the latest iPhone OS which its SDK was made available for developers on the day of the device's announcement. 

Although the surge in app registrations isn't a precise indicator these will all be iPad apps, it definitely says because of the new SDK and device announcement, developers are excited and either reworking their apps for the iPad or building brand new ones to release the day the device goes on sale. 

"For developers who get a jump on customizing their applications for the iPad, there may be an opportunity to stand out early on, and earn more downloads," said Flurry.  

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