Alternative to Pricey Hotel AV Rentals

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Save yourself, your business and your friends from wasting money on Hotel AV Rentals

Hotels are infamous for charging higher-than-average rates for convenience upgrades and add-ons. In fact, these kinds of charges (think: room service, room rental, catering, in-room movies, parking, valet services, automatic 18% gratuity at the bar, etc.) can account for a significant portion of a hotel’s annual revenue.

Though we travelers typically expect to pay a premium for convenience (why else would we pay upwards of $20 a person for a $5 breakfast? Because we want food to be delivered directly to our room!), that certainly doesn’t mean we have to pay the convenience charge. After all, you could always opt to go out for a meal, walk to a nearby cafe, or have a pizza delivered.

Likewise, there’s no reason to pay $250 for a projector rental when you could rent a projector from for just $99.

The next time you’re traveling for business and you require a projector rental at your meeting location, count on to deliver a high-quality LCD projector rental at a price that won’t break your budget. (Then maybe you can justify ordering room service.)

We’ll ship your rental projector directly to the hotel, and we’ll even include a quick start guide to assist you in setting up and taking down your projector. And if you still have questions, you can call us on our 24/7 support line for immediate expert assistance.

Just contact today to request your projector rental — you’ll save time, money and the hassle. Why pay more for a projector rental than you have to?

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