Grandpa/Grandma Mode for Photo/Video Sharing

Andy Parng · December 10, 2009 · Short URL:

Access personalized greetings and view media feeds with the greatest ease of plug-and-play

Recently Scott Adams wrote a blog about the need of a simplified email for senior citizens at his website. This prompted Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet to write a blog on "Grandpa/Grandma Mode" for PCs.

I know we still have a long way to go to create a simplified PC or just email for senior citizens. However, I believe we have created a Grandpa/Grandma mode for photo/video sharing services. The services include Instant Media Frame, which turns every computer into a virtual photo/media frame, combined with Greeting Keys, which make it even easier to watch media feed from Youtube, Picasa, and Flickr in a continuous way. Just like turning on the TV to watch the show, the shared photos and videos can be viewed by plugging the Greeting Key into the computer's USB port. There is no need to open anything or type anything. Nothing can be easier than this. Check out the 2-minute video above and see for yourself. You can find some example media feeds in our gallery page and our embed code example pages at and

Notable features of our services are:

  • For Media Feed Creator:
    • Create media feeds to share photos and videos via Instant Media Frames within seconds.
    • Share media feeds via email, Twitter, facebook, and websites/blogs (using Flash or iFrame embed code).
    • Stream media feeds from popular social media sites in real time. (Currently, we support YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa. Facebook and other sites will be supported shortly. A facebook app will be launched soon too.)
    • Track detailed access time and location data of each viewing of the media feed.
    • Create personalized greetings and modify the greeting message and the shared media feed at any time.
    • Receive an email or a tweet with time and location details whenever the Greeting Key is used.
  • For Greeting Key User:
    • Access personalized greetings and view media feeds with the greatest ease of plug-and-play (a "Grandpa/Grandma/Kid mode" of photo/video sharing).
    • View media feeds continuously in a slide show or manually.

You are welcome to visit our website to build your own media feeds and get your free Greeting Keys to share your photos and videos with your grandma and grandpa.

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