AT&T releases iPhone app, "Mark the Spot"

Chris Caceres · December 7, 2009 · Short URL:

Hopefully this application will help fix all those dropped calls and lack of coverage

Well, after countless amounts of negative reviews about AT&T's awful service, the company decided to launch an iPhone app to address this issue. 

Mark the Spot functions solely to help AT&T and its subscribers find problems with network coverage.  The application captures local GPS coordinates and then lets the user pick what kind of issue they were having from a multiple choice menu.  Some of the choices are, Dropped Call (can't even count how many of those I've had), Failed Call, No Coverage (my house in San Bruno has no coverage, ever), Data Failure and Poor Voice Quality.  If you're trying to submit your problem and the phone has no reception, AT&T will store your information and upload it the next time you have a signal. 

AT&T said on the iTunes application description page it is, "committed to providing its customers with the best network experience possible.  This application will help contribute towards this goal and its utilization is greatly appreciated."  

Recently, AT&T's network was ranked dead last in a Consumer Reports study published earlier this month.  The release of Mark the Spot pretty much says AT&T is aware of these issues, poor customer satisfaction, and is willing to listen and fix the problem.  

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