Happy #Thanksgiving!

Chris Caceres · November 25, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/c0f

Clever developers launch TurkeyTwitter.com to track what everybody is thankful for across Twitter

With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, a small team of developers launched a site called TurkeyTwitter, in hopes to serve as a destination which gathers all tweets containing the #turkeytwitter, #thanksgiving or #thankful hashtag.  

"I built this site with Gary Petro and Chad Weinman.  We just thought it'd be a fun experiment to see what we could build with a Twitter hashtag and the idea just built from there," said Josh Premuda who we corresponded with via email.  

The idea of the site is to track what people are thankful for on Twitter.  Premuda said the site was built in a very short time frame so there's more he would have liked to have done.  

It's a great idea, but unfortunately with all the noise across Twitter it's hard to find actual tweets that have people saying what they are thankful for.  I even noticed somebody post a tweet with the #thanksgiving hashtag saying, "still haven't decided what i'm wearing for #thanksgiving.  is it supposed to rain? ay yi yi."  At the same time a bunch of other users are thanking each other for Thanksgiving, quite amusing.  

There are some thoughtful tweets in there, but you really have to refresh your page and dig through the noise to spot them.  Here's one, "#thankful for my family this #thanksgiving."  One feature for next time that would have been really neat is to have the tweets appear in real-time to give that more stream-like effect (and so I don't have to keep refreshing my browser.)

All in all, just another example of people leveraging the power of human communication via Twitter.  The site was built purely as an experiment, and for amusement with no business plan in mind.  But, Premuda is thinking ahead, he told us he's just started a company called CurrentBlend, which is the definition of a digital agency (as stated on his blog.)  

I asked him if he had plans for future holiday-Twitter-themed sites, in which he responded, "We've talked about a couple other instances where this could be fun to do, but have no definite plans right now, but having said that, stay tuned."

Happy Thanksgiving from VatorNews.

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