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Chris Caceres · November 12, 2009 · Short URL:

NewTeeVee Live: Clicker comes out of private beta to help us find what videos are playing online

There's a lot of television shows being viewed online these days.  From Hulu, to CBS, to NBC, to YouTube, and plenty more, you can find TV shows all over the Web.  But besides doing a Google search, it's a little difficult to find what is playing exactly where and when.  Before the Internet, TV Guide organized and listed what was playing on TV, now it's online.  But there really isn't a service which tells you what you can find online.  That's where Clicker comes in.

Clicker, which officially launched today at the NewTeeVee Live conference in San Francisco wants to be the TV Guide of the Internet.   The service is an online curator of all the places you can find full episodes of TV shows. 

The company said it currently lists around 450,000 episodes from 6,000 shows, from 1,200 networks.  It also lists movies and music videos.

From a user end, you type in a search and Clicker will let you know how many full episodes are available across the Web, with links to your choice of where you want to watch it.  For example, Hulu and FX may offer the same episode of a particular show so Clicker will give you links to both places.  The service also lets users search within a show to find out if for example, Obama appeared on a television interview.

Clicker isn't trying to compete with Hulu or other video sites, instead it categorizes itself as one part search engine, one part wiki, one part entertainment guide, and one part DVR.   

At the same time as trying to be an updated guide to what's playing on the Web, Clicker also said it is strongly focused on what isn't playing on the Web.  This a great feature as many of the sites which provide full episodes take them down as quickly as they put them up.  

Clicker has raised about $8 million from Redpoint Ventures and Benchmark Capital.

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