JamLegend - just like Guitar Hero, but online

Chris Caceres · October 30, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/b86

Startup Sessions takes an inside look at JamLegend, the startup behind a popular online music game

Have you ever looked at your computer keyboard as a musical instrument? 

JamLegend, a San Francisco-based startup can turn your entire computer into a musical gaming experience similar to Rockband or Guitar Hero.  Here's the catch, it's free.

The startup which received a small round of funding from Launchbox Digital has grown quite a bit since its launch last year.  It's now seeing almost 800,000 unique visitors per month for its addictive rhythm based game.

And the game isn't tied down only to the computer keyboard.  JamLegend lets users connect their Guitar Hero or Rockband guitars and map their own controls, so they can use them if they want. 

It's also testing out several business models including premium services that allow players to upload any song they want.  JamLegend's platform beat detects those songs and creates new musical experiences to play along with.  The company is also looking into the virtual goods marketplace.  

Check out the video to see what these guys are all about, their humble startup lifestyle and their passion for brewing and drinking beer!  Oh, and of course, jamming and rocking out together.

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JamLegend is the leader in online music games. It was founded in 2008 as a way for college buddies Arjun Lall, Andrew Lee, and Ryan Wilson to play a Guitar Hero-like music game with more songs and more friends without breaking the bank to buy each Guitar Hero or Rock Band release. JamLegend has since grown to over 850K unique visitors per month, building the largest online music gaming community where artists and fans work together to change the way music and games are experienced.