Ooyala raises $10 million

Chris Caceres · October 14, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/b32

Video technology startup scores third round from Rembrandt Venture Partners and Sierra Ventures

Online video technology startup, Ooyala, announced it has raised $10 million in a third round of funding.  Rembrandt Ventures led the round and was joined by return backer Sierra Ventures.  The company has raised a total of $20 million to date.

The Mountain View, Ca.-based startup has built a player which now reaches over 50 million unique users a month, delivering about 100 million streams per month.  Some of the big name customers implementing Ooyala's player include Warner Brothers, National Geographic and Electronic Arts.  The company states it, "reaches more unique users via our customer implementations than Hulu."

And it keeps improving.  Since its founding in 2007, Ooyala has added plenty of new features to its player, making sure to not fall behind on the explosive growth of online video.  Some of the features include  live streaming, real-time analytics, and ad placement capabilities.  

But it's not only about video on your computer screen, what about the merging of television and Internet along with mobile video consumption?  We spoke with Bismarck Lepe, Co-founder of Ooyala who told us he believed that the mobile sector is definitely the fastest growing segment in online video consumption.  The startup said it is currently transcoding and delivering video to a number of devices including the iPhone and Android.  It said it has customers leveraging a technology which allows users to view videos on the iPhone without the need of a plug-in or application.  As for television, Ooyala is powering video streamed to Microsoft's XBox console along with experimenting with other partners.  

With 70 people currently employed at Ooyala now, and a third round of funding, the company isn't planning on raising more.  With this round, its looking to focus on three major elements to carry it to profitability.  First off, continuing global expansion - the company has over 500 customers in 20 different countries.  It said it expects International growth to outpace domestic growth.  Secondly, Ooyala will continue to focus on product innovation and we should expect to see new analytics tools, monetization and content recommendation products for the Web, mobile devices and set top boxes.  Thirdly, its focus on its high profile customers- helping new and existing ones build upon and take advantage of its largest revenue driver, its video platform. 

Ooyala considers its biggest competitor to be Brightcove.

The embedded video below is about Ooyala's analytics tools, and is Ooyala's actual player. 

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Ooyala is a video technology company that provides an integrated platform enabling the delivery, management, and monetization of high quality video content. Focused on innovation and scalability, Ooyala is committed to providing the most comprehensive video solutions to companies worldwide.Ooyala is headquartered in Mountain View, Ca with sales operations in New York, NY and London, UK. 

"Ooyala" means cradle in Telugu, a Southern Indian language. We like the name because it demonstrates what we are doing -- cradling a new form of innovation.

Ooyala was founded in early 2007 by Sean Knapp, Belsasar Lepe and Bismarck Lepe - all former Google employees. While at Google, they worked on the development and launch of various monetization and content distribution products such as AdSense, AdWords and Google Web Search. After four years of engineering and product development at the biggest Internet company in the world, the three left Google to start Ooyala. Ooyala has raised over 10 million dollars in funding and has in excess of 5000 publishers using its syndication platform - Backlot. Ooyala's goal is to build a successful technology company that focuses on delivering the best video experience to video content providers, advertisers and most importantly consumers.



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