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Doron Jampolsky · September 17, 2009 · Short URL:

Do you know what is on your credit report?

If you answered no then shame on you . . . you should.  Your personal credit report is like a window into your soul; or at least that is how potential creditors view it.  In this down economy it more important than ever to see your report every 6 months and make sure it is accurate.  People are getting turned downed left and right for all potential credit.  Anything from cars and boats to houses, the banks are all saying no.  However, and even more concerning, prospective employers are now starting to turn down potential employees due to adverse credit.  The employers state that bad credit reflects poorly on a person's character.  Unjust?  You bet!  But our hands are tied unless we do something about it.  There are laws there have been developed to protect us all as consumers against the ceditors and they work.  You just need to know the right advocates.


Doron Jampolsky

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