Urgent Career gets funded

Chris Caceres · August 20, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/a1f

iNovia capital invests in startup with technology for employers to "deconstruct" sales-hires

 Urgent Career, a startup which provides online tools for sales professionals, has raised an undisclosed amount in Series A funding from iNovia Capital, according to a report by peHUB.

The New York-based startup offers some pretty advanced linguistics technology for sales professionals.  How it works is basically that the potential salesman or saleswoman speaks with a "Career Matchmaker" who talks to the candidate about goals, aspirations, sales styles, and job preferences.  So here's where it gets a little weird - that conversation then gets digitally deconstructed by algorithms which apparently match the candidate to appropriate positions based on the computer's recommendations.

Urgent Career addresses the issue of a shortage in sales professionals and sells its services to employers looking for quick hires.  Basically if the employer finds a solid match, they pay Urgent Career 20% of the candidate's base salary.  Employers are also offered a 90 day guarantee, so if they don't like the candidate recommended by the machine, they can exchange it or request a refund.  Salespeople looking for jobs can use Urgent Careers proprietery technology for free to digitally deconstruct their skills and find potential job opportunities.

John Elton, a Partner with iNovia capital said he was, "excited to be involved as an investor and also as a customer via our portfolio companies.”

Jeff Stewart, Chairman of Urgent Career said the investment would, "allow us to accelerate the development of our technology."

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