Syndiant picks up $10.7M for pico-projectors

Ronny Kerr · August 20, 2009 · Short URL:

Second round of funding secures future for tiny projectors designed to fit inside cell phones

SyndiantMy phone can make calls, play music, surf the Web, take photos and videos, record audio, and so much more. Why shouldn’t it be taken to the next level and be able to serve as a high-quality image projector?

Syndiant is aiming to answer that very question with its chips specifically tailored to make video projectors of just about any small, portable device. The Dallas-based company just landed $10.7 million in second round funding, according to VentureBeat, launching the company’s micro-technology into the limelight.

Through the use of a powerful parallel processing system, Syndiant’s patented architecture gives new power to tiny light modulating chips with high resolutions for extremely portable pico-projectors.

The tiny chips will make light projectors of a whole range of mobile devices—cell phones, game systems, cameras, laptops, and more.
tiny chip
Instead of huddling with family and friends around a tiny mobile phone screen to view a photo slideshow or YouTube video, imagine being able to project any slideshows or videos from the phone onto the nearest white wall, creating a high-resolution screen for all around to see, at the drop of a hat. Really, the possibilities for such a useful capability are endless and may reveal that such technology has a certain role in the future of mobile devices.

Besides funds from private investors, Syndiant collected financing from first-time contributor, the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, by meeting the contributor’s demands for volume production. This latest round of funding will likely only increase the rate of volume production, while providing much needed financing for marketing and distributing the young product to its many potential customers.

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