RoboVault: The Future of Storage is Robotics!

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The Future of Storage is Automated Robotics!




When you think of traditional storage facilities, what qualifiers do you look for? Is the place secure, clean, and is it a safe storage environment? Sure there might be locks on the gate, but are your possessions truly secure? Secure against a determined thief or better a natural catastrophe? Cameras and an aluminum gate just don't cut it anymore in today’s urban environment – especially in hurricane-prone region. 

That's all about to change. The future of self storage is here and it's called RoboVault.

RoboVault is the first high-tech robotic storage facility of its kind in the world. A fully automated robotic container retrieval system safely stores valuables ranging in size from exotic automobiles to precious artwork and other priceless items. Adjacent rooms offer climate-controlled wine storage and private safe deposit boxes catering to individual requirements. 

Designed to withstand up to 200 mph winds and equipped with back-up power generation, RoboVault provides an unprecedented combination of technology including heart beat detection, biometric recognition and private access with 24/7 security monitoring.

“Self-storage has evolved over the years to reflect the customers’ needs and market trends,” said RoboVault developer Marvin Chaney. “Self-storage began as a product for residential users and expanded to serve businesses of all sizes and institutional users. The product has continued to accommodate the customers’ increased sophistication, with a particular emphasis on security and climate control. This is an exciting time to apply technology in innovative ways.”

An industry veteran with more than 25 years experience, Chaney built his career by recognizing trends in the marketplace and then capturing demand with new products. In 1986, he developed the first multi-story self storage facility in the State of Florida.

RoboVault’s advanced robotics technology was produced by the German company, Westfalia Systems, Inc. With the help of Westfalia Systems, Inc., Chaney embarked on creating the most revolutionary storage facility of our time. 

What makes RoboVaultrevolutionary?

  1. RoboVault is designed to stand up to anything thrown its way – by nature or manmade.
    • The building itself boasts a solid concrete roof, solid concrete and steel reinforced tilt-up wall panel exterior for maximum strength and stability and double pane hurricane impact glass. As a result, the exterior of RoboVault is designed to withstand Category 5 hurricanes, with winds up to 200 mph.
  1. RoboVault can think.
    • With Human Machine Interface (HMI), a means by which users can interact with the computer system to create specific commands, RoboVault can quickly respond to security issues and perform rapid diagnostics.
  1. RoboVault can create its own energy.
    • With an emergency back-up generator, RoboVault can support the entire building with 100% back-up of electrical base for building safety and HVAC for a “business as usual” environment for up to ten days after loss of local service.
  1. RoboVault can morph better than a Transformer©.
    • Storage containers are made of structural steel mesh that allows for proper air circulation and fire safety codes.
    • There are 456 in total ranging from 5x5 , 5x10, 10x10, 15x10 and non-subdivided modules of 20x10 and free-standing positions for larger items, including exotic cars
  1. RoboVault knows who is there at all times.
    • Its unprecedented combination of technology includes:

§  24/7 security monitoring

§  Heart beat detection

§  Biometric recognition

  1. RoboVault is as safe as a Swiss bank.
    • RoboVault has an adjacent room specifically for safety deposit boxes. The space implements all of the same security measures as the storage, plus a few extra perks!

§  Private entrance for clients to drive into the building and access the safe deposit box through another, privately monitored interior entrance.

§  Clients also have full access to their safe deposits boxes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  1. RoboVault is cultured.

·         The facility also boasts a wine storage facility on the ground floor. The space allows discriminating collectors to incrementally expand their personal cellar capacity. 

§  RoboVault’s wine storage adheres to a strict climate controlled environment meeting wine industry standards of temperature and humidity, providing a

§  storage temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and maintaining proper humidity levels at 65-70 percent.

§  The space also eliminates all natural light and minimizes vibration to eliminate settling disruptions and make sure each wine stays at its best.


The highly anticipated facility is strategically located just north of Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport at the northwest intersection of I-595 and US 1 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For more information please visit the website at

Check out to see RoboVault in action.

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