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Ronny Kerr · August 4, 2009 · Short URL: https://vator.tv/n/9bf

Video professionals spotlight your next home in ads for Weichert Realtors

As more and more people go online, so will the advertisers. Though we’ve seen advertising spread like wildfire across the Internet in all its various forms, video advertising has yet to be picked up by the mainstream, or so it appears.

TurnHere is one company trying to change that, with a video production and advertising team that cranks out professional-grade videos for other businesses to use to attract new customers. Made up of 8,000 professional filmmakers across 70 countries, the Emeryville, CA-based company has sought to make inexpensive but high-quality online videos for businesses that need a better or new advertising model.

In the past year, for example, TurnHere has created videos advertising some of Weichert Realtors’ best properties, as a means of showing off their spaces to potential customers before they actually drive out to the actual neighborhood.  
Now, TurnHere is expanding its relationship with Weichert, rolling out a line of ‘neighborhood vignettes,’ short clips that highlight a specific town where Weichert is currently advertising real estate.

Considering that Weichert is one of the country’s largest privately held real estate companies, this is a solid business deal for TurnHere. If other businesses pick up on the successes Weichert experiences through these new neighborhood vignettes, TurnHere could see a surge in clientele.

“Weichert understands that prospective home buyers aren’t just considering bathroom fixtures, roofs, or lot sizes. They’re also looking for a neighborhood for their family and a new place to call home,” said John McWeeny, COO at TurnHere.

McWeeney could almost be talking about the potential for any number of businesses through the use of more personalized video advertising, continuing, “Through these powerful neighborhood vignettes, Weichert is able to position themselves as experts in a particular area and convey their associate’s personal connection with the businesses, schools, nature, and people that make up each unique community.”

Some of TurnHere’s work for Weichert is already online. Showing off the splendid suburban atmosphere in Stamford, CT or the never-ending natural beauty of Sparta, NJ, TurnHere clearly demonstrates the ability to adapt to any client’s needs in its delivery of these solid neighborhood vignettes.

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